Free projects and tasks management software

A simple and effective way to manage your
tasks and your projects. Alone or in a team.

FeaturesTools designed for simplified management


Gather all your daily or project tasks, and plan your work days. Set priorities, comment, add subtasks and more.


Manage your projects efficiently with an intuitive interface. Tasks, groups, filters, discussions, documents and objectives. All the tools to lead a successful project.


Simplify teamwork with the addition of collaborators on your projects. Assign tasks, discuss, share and realize your goals. Centralize everything in one place.


Exchange with your collaborators using a single discussion space for each project, or leave comments on a task to facilitate teamwork.


Centralize the documents associated with your projects. Add documents about your projects. Your employees will have what they need.


Keep an eye on your project goals with milestones. Define different goals associated with dates.


Take advantage of an intuitive dashboard, be on the lookout for tasks your team is doing, your important tasks, goals and graphics.

Why KendoWork?

We needed project management software. After having tested a dozen platforms, without having found what really suited us, we decided to develop our own solution.

That's how KendoWork was born. A simple online application for managing tasks and projects, alone or in a team.

KendoWork is different from other software. This is not just a project management application for a company. Although it can do it, it is designed to foster collaborative work. Invite a partner to participate in one of your projects. Your partner can contribute, but also create their own projects and invite their own collaborators.

Listening to your needs, we work tirelessly to provide you with an intuitive and powerful tool.


0$ / months
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited projects
  • 2 GB of storage